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DSYS is a non-profit organization (Tax ID 20-5692563) providing Cheerleading, Football, Track & Field, Cross Country, Volleyball, Softball, and Wrestling youth sports athletic opportunities to the youth of Loudoun County's Dulles South area including but not limited to Aldie, Brambleton, Chantilly-Loudoun, Kirkpatrick Farms, Lenah Run, South Riding, Stone Ridge, and many others. 

Our servicing school areas include Mercer, Lunsford, and Stone Hill Middle Schools; Arcola, Pinebrook, Buffalo Trail, Aldie, Legacy, Cardinal Ridge, Little River, Hutchison, Liberty, Legacy, Creighton's Corner, and Rosa Lee Carter Elementary; and Rock Ridge, Freedom, and John Champe High Schools

DSYS News & Updates

Dear DSYS Families, 

Happy New Year!  I wanted to update everyone on a few things happening at DSYS. 

This Fall will mark the 10th anniversary of Dulles South Youth Sports' existence.  It was with great effort, expense, and foresight that the founders of this organization set out to create something that was bigger than just the sport they coached or that their child played.  They created an organization where all were welcome; where sports could be finally played in our backyard; and where new sports could get the help they need to get started.  Passionate volunteers launched Football, Cheer, Cross-Country, Wrestling, Track, Lacrosse, Volleyball and more.  Many of these volunteers have moved on or away but the fruits of their labor are still here.  

I have had the privilege of carrying the torch a bit for Football and now as your DSYS President just as Bill Marck is now doing for Wrestling, Cris Campbell for Volleyball, Vannie Coles and Ken Bolton for Track, Rex Petrey for Football and Brenda Bellamy for Cheer.  DSYS endures because of volunteers like them and the ones that help them: the dedicated and enthusiastic coaches; those that serve on their sport's board; the ones that organize and sell raffle tickets and fundraising cards; parents and friends that take the extra player to practice.  DSYS endures not because of victories, success, or convenience but because of sacrifice and perseverance.  If we are teaching and you are reinforcing these values with your children, then I am confident 2017 will be our best year yet together.

We always need more coaches and board members to help share the load, to continue traditions and to create new ones, to carry the torch a bit further down the road.  I encourage you all to give a little more of the most precious thing we have to give to our youth, our time in 2017.

  1. Spring Flag Football registration is now open.  There is a $25 savings by signing up this month.
  2. Fall Tackle Football registration is also now open.  There is a $25 early bird savings...sign up now with a minimum deposit and spread the cost over many months. 
  3. Volleyball House and Travel Registration is open.
  4. We are finalizing a plan to have a Golf program this Spring through DSYS.  Stay tuned for more information on that.
  5. Winter Track is ongoing and Spring Track will open soon.
  6. Wrestling is ongoing but I know Bill will have some extended season activities for all our youth wrestlers.
  7. Softball....In spite of the efforts of parents, coaches and some very dedicated young ladies in 2016, our Softball program is on hold for 2017.   We are willing to help the next torch bearer (Commissioner) start this program back up.  If you are interested, please reach out.
  8. Cross Country is also in need of a leader to help continue the program.  If you are passionate about running and helping, please contact us.


Jason McEachin DSYS President

Liz Singer DSYS Vice President

Jennifer Kaskas DSYS Secretary


by posted 01/09/2017
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