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updated as of October 17, 2018


Registration for everyone in the 2018-19 Winter Season ~ Click Here

‚Äč- registration remains open for kids born between Jan 1, 2004 and July 31, 2010. 8 MORE SPOTS FOR THOSE BORN APRIL 1, 2008 AND JULY 31, 2010 REMAIN. 16 MORE SLOTS FOR THOSE BORN BEFORE APRIL 1, 2008. 

- contact us if you have questions at:


Phone: Bill Marck, 571-338-5669 cell/evenings


Flyer and information for Winter Registration and Intro Clinic ~ Click Here 


Sub-tabs may be found:

- on desktop computer, hold the mouse over the main tab then slide the mouse over top any sub-tab

- on iphone, merely click the main tab, then select the sub-tabs thereafter


Details Also Online:

- Overall Instructions ~ Click Here 

- Required Reading ~ Click Here 

- Winter 2018-19 ~ Click Here