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Equipment for the regular winter season

Parents and wrestlers should mark all personal gear with sharpies.

- head gear and competition singlets ~ DSYS provides these on loan for the season with a deposit

- shoes ~ wrestlers purchase their own, and are available as follows:

- all major sporting goods stores (new)

- Play-It-Again Sports in Leesburg (new and used)

- Top Of The Podium private wrestling facility in Sterling VA (new)

- Online stores (new)

- Last year's models are available from fellow DSYS families that outgrew theirs; we will try to have a day to swap equipment or purchase from other families at low costs some time in the late October period

- mouth guards ~ are required for all wrestlers with braces, and highly encouraged for all others

- backpacks or bags to carry items ~ purchased by parents

- nail clippers and liquid disinfectant to clip all finger nails before tournaments and wipe hands, elbows, knees, and foreheads after wrestling matches

- hair nets ~ are required for anyone with hair touching their necks, and shall be purchased by parents

- water bottles ~ wrestlers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to stay hydrated before, during, and after practices and matches

- first aid kits ~ although coaches and trainers often carry such equipment, wrestlers are encouraged to pack noise plugs, band aids, surgical tape and disinfectants for quick access

Other Equipment Suggested

- Sharpies to mark all your equipment with phone numbers

- Back pack

- Disinfectant spray for shoes

- Hand wipes and anti bacterial wipes