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Parents are required to use their own insurance as primary care

Coverage for DSYS practices 

- parents are required to register with DSYS, and sign a waiver to acknowledge the risks of sports related activities

- DSYS provides secondary insurance coverage for kids that are registered with DSYS for practices held at John Champe, Freedom, Rock Ridge, or other local high schools when the practice is sponsored by DSYS coaches who are present

Coverage for practices at locations other than the above facilities such as Top Of The Podium in Sterling VA, the Sportsplex in Manassas, or other public or private facilities

- parents are expected to purchase an annual membership with USA Wrestling at https://www.usawmembership.com/ which includes insurance coverage

- sometimes private facilities will request parents to sign a waiver that acknowledges use of the primary care provider as the means for coverage

Coverage for NVWF tournaments

- parents will need to additionally obtain annual membership with USA Wrestling for coverage from September 2016 through August 2017 which also includes insurance as part of the membership

Coverage for tournaments other than NVWF

- parents typically are required to purchase either USA Wrestling memberships or AAU

- insurance requirements are generally specified on tournament flyers