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Folkstyle activities

Practices are often held in the March-April period for folkstyle wrestling at locations such as TOP in Sterling VA and surrounding areas for kids that desire a continuation of wrestling activities may consolidate wrestlers and coaches.

Tournaments are held in the multi-state area and throughout Virginia. 

Mid Atlantic Wrestling Association (MAWA) organizes a series of "district" tournaments from Maine to Virginia whereby the top three place winners continue toward one of four "regional" tournaments in mid-April and then onward to a finale in early May. http://mawawrestling.com/

Other Open tournaments are found

- throughout PA, VA, MD, DE, NJ, others at http://www.pywrestling.com/

- Virginia at http://www.virginiawrestling.com/

Although many of the advanced DSYS wrestlers are seen to participate annually, the event is for anyone that wants to further compete. 

Freestyle and Greco-Roman activities

Several clubs and facilities host Freestyle and Greco practices beginning late March through the May period at such locations at TOP in Sterling and local clubs. 

Dulles Youth wrestlers are encouraged to participate.