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The Loudoun County (LoCo) Alliance

This year Dulles South Youth Volleyball (Club) has partnered with Loudoun Elite Volleyball and MB Volleyball to leverage technologies, coaching knowledge, and resources to foster the growth of volleyball in the Northern Virginia Community.

Our "LOCO" Alliance offers many opportunities to scrimmage with our partner clubs as well as other local clubs, in concert with our regular competitive schedule.

In addition, our pooled resources allows access to facilities, technology, equipment and training resources not available to other teams.

Our training facility (The BeanTree Pavilion) in the only facility in our area with a Floating Floor- the wood floor gives way to reduce impact to young players’ joints thus preventing injuries.

The latest in training technology:

  • Video Feedback system to provide immediate feedback to players, allowing them to correct technique.
  • Vertimax jump training system

A complete inventory of volleyball training equipment, allowing players to concentrate on improvement in each area of the game:

  • AirCat pneumatic ball launcher
  • Setter’s Eye target system