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Notes for parents, players, coaches, managers, and spectators:

- Practices, competitions, and camps are provided for DYS members who are in good standing and paid required fees. Such events are considered to be privileges for members but not open to the public. 

- DYS members are defined as wrestlers and their associated parents/guardians. 

- Spectators are everyone other than DYS members including siblings, cousins, grandparents, cousins, friends, neighbors, and others. 

- All children under the age of 18 years old shall be accompanied by an adult/guardian. 

- Adults/guardians shall be required to control the behavior of the children for which they are responsible.

- DYS managers, coaches, or other officials shall have the right to ask any person to leave a practice, competition, or camp due to improper behavior. 

- Penalties or infractions may be issued to adults/guardians by email upon which a response may be generated in return, and may otherwise affect membership status. 

- Since events are not open to the public, spectators may be requested to leave at any time for no cause. 

- Events are not for the participation or viewing of arbitrary or random people. 

- National Anthem is played at all competition events so DYS requires all its affiliated personnel to stand and display the customary respects to the Unites States of America.

Required reading for Parents, Players, Coaches/Managers:

Read the following materials prior to the first practice or as soon as possible!

- USA Safe Sports Policy ~ online

- Sportsmanship and code of conduct ~ online

- Failure to follow sportsmanship and conduct requirements could result in or penalties without funds refunds

Required reading specifically for Players:

- Arrive to the practice room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of pracitce unless you have sent a text/email to the coach ahead of time to indicate that you will be late or absent thus allowing coaches to adjust practice groups

- Practice will promptly start at the designated time unless there is a school function that prevents or delays the practice

- Clean your area and trash prior to departure even if waste materials are not your own

Required reading specifically for Parents:

- Parent's voluntary duties

Required reading specifically for Coaches:

- Background screening ~ online