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The Dulles Youth Sports program provides a high quality experience for wrestlers, families, coaches, and spectators.  For the money, this is pound for pound the best deal in northern Virginia area.  Both boys and girls have access to safe clean high school sports facilities, highly experienced coaches, numerous competition opportunities, easily accessible practice locations.  The organizational element is a volunteer-based nonprofit 501(c)3 structure, to keep expenses down to a minimum, endorsed by Loudoun County Parks and Recreation. 
Our program provides opportunties for youth athletes to get physically strong, mentally focused, emotionally controlled, and gain self confidence, high self esteem, sense of accomplishment, respect for others, sportsmanship, the ability to persevere, remain determined, and overcome obstacles.  In short, our athletes simply become better people. 
On a personal note, both my son and daughter have participated in local youth wrestling programs leading to their abilities to conduct time management skills, operate under pressure, push themselves through austere condtions, and confidently communicate with adults, coaches, and teammates. In short wrestlers are conditioned to become great community citizens.  
–DYS wrestling is for all youth between the first and eighth grades
–Both boys and girls (practices and competitions are coed)
–Skill levels for DYS include kids with 0-9 years of wrestling experience
–Traditionally practice room coaches have prior high school and/or college experience
–DYS welcomes and solicits parent assistants to reinforce practice room lessons, and also provide support on competition days
–Instructors are required to obtain a USA Card each year and a background check every two years
•USA Cards are obtained on or after September 1st of each year
•Background checks are obtained every other year on or after September 1st of each year
•Parents initiate both privately then get reimbursed by DYS
•Information remains confidential between parents and the USA Wrestling organization; none of the DYS coaches or managers get to see results or findings
–All parents or guardians sign waivers for their kids to participate as part of the registration process
–All adult coaches/instructors use their USA Coach cards for primary coverage 
–Parents and guardians use their own health plans as primary care, then DYS and/or USA Wrestling becomes the secondary insurance carrier.
•Practice rooms
–DYS plans to have five practice groups comprised of roughly 25 kids per group during the 2017-2018 season divided by age, weight, skill, and interest.
–NVWF participants grades 1-8 will be divided into four groups based on age, skill, weight.
–A more advanced room will be assembled on a more selective basis to compete in higher levels such as Mason Dixon or CAWL. 
•Winter season
–Practices (kids are typically aligned in terms of the Sunday league competitions in which they intend to enter)
•NVWF kids practice from early November through the end of February (typically novice level)
•Mason Dixon kids practice from early November through mid March (typically advanced wrestlers)
•CAWL kids practice from early November through early March (typically highly skilled or elite wrestlers)
–Competitions for regular leagues (kids would typically enter one but not all three Sunday league options)
•NVWF one mid December event plus most Sundays in January and February
•Mason Dixon, most Sundays between January and mid-March
•CAWL preseason event early December 3, 2017, plus a few dates in January and February
•CAWL final tournament early March
–Competitions for special events
•VAWA States event at end-of-season the last full weekend of February (typically for advanced wrestlers)
•Open individual style tournaments December through late March in surround Washington area